4G LTE Wireless Broadband

We don’t need to do a survey or audit to know that there are so many displeased users out there paying high retail prices for their broadband connections….and not even getting more than 1mb sometimes!

Some rural land owners are quoted thousands sometimes for lengthy mast and cable installations before any connectivity can be achieved.

This is just enough for 1 user to check there email. We find this super frustrating when there are other options for users out there where hardware can be owned, connection speeds increased and monthly costs reduced.

I know, sounds too good to be true. Why not enquire about a site survey to assess potential.

4G LTE – SOLAR – Wireless Cell Tower

This is quite exciting to write about. We are current completing a renewable LTE solar powered cellular and wireless connectivity tower.

This tower is powered by lithium and recharged by solar. All components connected to provide a self sustaining and renewable cellular and wireless capabilities.

The signal produced by the renewable tower can be sent up to 5miles away to a accepting wireless CPE AP (line of sight factors need to be taken into account)

A additional wireless HD CCTV Can be installed for remote viewing and security.

All installed in a IP67 Waterproof Enclosure.

Technical components included;

1 x Mikrotic LTE6 LHG Antenna
1 x 40ah Lithium Battery Bank
1 x POE Switch

All components included to enable a RTC experience (Ready to Connect)