Castle Farm & Campsite – 4G LTE Broadband & AP Infrastructure Solution

Gary & Alison at Castle Farm has been struggling with super slow broadband for many many years, to them this felt like forever!

With a couple of consultancy session to outline the scope, and another couple of site visits, we had produced a epic plan to bring this farm into the 21st century connectivity wise.

2 weeks later, Gary and Alison are now able to be so much more productive with all the necessary admin of running a Farm, but also the ability to now steam a movie and make the most of chilling in the evening.

Also having internet provided to the Campsite, this will improve the Farm’s offering to all future camping and caravanning customers.


Castle Farm & Campsite

what we did

The following has been carried out as part of this project;

  • 4G LTE Infrastructure Design
  • 4 x Long Distance P2P Configuration
  • Campsite Wireless Portal Access

We managed to take this farm from a 0.5MB connection up to a steady 30MB+ after implementing the above. Gary & wife Alison were absolutely chuffed with the results!

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